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This is our mini-guide series and our first 5 cities are:


Madeleine travels between Europe, Asia and Australia (mostly Paris, London, Hong Kong, Sydney and Melbourne but also New York, San Francisco, Milan, Tokyo and Taipei) for her work.  When she is not otherwise engaged in business meetings, she is passionate about the arts, books and culture.  She also likes to see herself as a savvy traveller – always knowing where to get a heavenly piece of pastry, a wonderful cup of hot-chocolate (or chocolates to bring to a local dinner for that matter), and getting tickets to the best theatre or opera performances (as a professionally-qualified pianist herself, she doesn’t like to waste time going to the second-best ones).  She loves living everyday life in each city (she has either spent time living in these cities or just kept visiting) and to know the “little things” in each city she travels through. 

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Coffee & hot-chocolates.  Bookshops.  Galleries & Museums.  Music, Theatre & Architecture.  Parks, Beaches & Hikes.  Special places & other ideas.