to … H O N G K O N G

It is of course the cosmopolitan city par excellence, its mile-a-minute energies admired by many around the world.

Once derided as a barren rock, it took just over a century to develop from a simple fishing port to an international trade centre hustling and bustling with activity.

The world’s number 1 city in the number of skyscrapers, it has however been called a “cultural desert” at times.

But it does have many interesting angles and many fascinating layers.  Discover for yourself a city with contrasts: take a tram or Peak tram ride, go for a hike in Sai Kung with its deserted beaches, marvel at the architecture of the Bank of China building or the Tsing Ma bridge, have tea and cakes at T.e.a.k.h.a.

The possibilities are endless.

Anything is possible.

And frankly that’s why we love the place.

But …

Something is in the air: New awakenings … the umbrella movement

A lovely Sunday saunter with coffee and a little bit of history: Taipingshan and Saiyingpun … and a diversion on bauhinia flowers

And to learn more about the (medical) history of Hong Kong and the (political) history of China: Museum of Medical Sciences and the Sun Yat-Sen Museum

And the simple maths behind tea vs matcha vs coffee!



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