“Word art”

I remember seeing “word art” or what is called “calligramme” in some of the book-shop windows in Paris (“calli-” in French having the same root as the word “calligraphy” in English).  A poem can be written in an arrangement that creates a visual image or “art”.

It was revelatory.

It’s sometimes called “visual poetry” – the poet Guillaume Apollinaire wrote a book with many calligrammes – one of these very vivid images made of words is called Il pleut(it is raining).

In the “Madeleine travels … ” series, we spent many weekend afternoons letting our imaginations run.  We loved creating the word art about each of the cities …

paris je t’aime

stars in the sky

got this great app …

we are all in the gutter … 

We at Madeleine’s enjoyed creating them … we hope you enjoy them!