Our story

“Madeleine travels was inspired by a young Madeleine who while at the top of the Taipei 101 pronounced that she wanted to “travel the whole wide world” and bring presents to her sister back from these places.

The series – with its first 5 cities being Paris, London, Hong Kong, Melbourne and Sydney, and will be followed by others – are penned by a cosmopolitan “travelista, a professional woman who loves her work but who also revels in the travels that come with it, who enjoy culture and the arts as much as the economics, politics, technologies and industries of a city.  She has so many stories and intrigues to tell it feels like this is just the beginning …

She wanted to create these beautiful mini-travel-guides-in-a-travelogue that are well designed, thoughtful, and reflect what it’s like to get to know these cities a little without living there.  They are almost like “love letters” to the cities she visits often.

The series is thus a collaboration between Madeleine and her writer: Madeleine does travel to each of the cities as she has created or inspired much of the original art – see especially our “word art” collection – you find in each city guide.  

The accompanying mini-series – “Be inspired when in …” is about having coffees, wandering around bookshops and enjoying the small things in life even when in a foreign city.  These are mini lists of selected addresses and names that she is often asked to suggest to and share with her friends.  They are meant to give good ideas when on-the-go while the “Madeleine travels … ” series (to Paris, to London, to Hong Kong, and many more other cities) are meant to be read at leisure and to inspire ideas, thoughts, stories, and projects.

We are driven by the idea of bringing you the bigger picture, of being the companion to the traveller who wants to travel well, to get to know a place by observing, asking questions, and looking for insights and perspectives.