Beating the cold weather in Hong Kong

If you are in Hong Kong during one of its “cold spells” like it is right now (“it’s colder than London!”), you can always take umbrage in the malls like The Landmark wherein lies one of our favourite places for a hot chocolate, Le Salon de Thé de Joël Robuchon.  It’s not cheap (and we absolutely hate the “free” wifi at this mall) and it does not even come in a large mug, but the fresh cream is delicious, the pristine presentation (with tiny, coco-pop like chocolate balls) will cheer you up, and sitting at one of those tables overlooking the Atrium provides plenty of people-spotting opportunities.

Or, escape to our favourite chill-out tea house, the relaxing “where there’s tea, there’s hopeTeakha , order a heart-warming Chai, and peruse of some pear and salted caramel crumble cheesecake.

Matcha chocolate fondue anyone?  Read our “tea vs coffee vs matcha” to find more possibilities, or check out if the queue has become a bit more manageable at one of the latest matcha dessert craze, the first overseas outpost of Kyoto’s Nakamura Tokichi (we checked it out, it is worth the hype!).